Talk about curb appeal! Here is your first installment of vacation pics! The Lowcountry between Charleston and Savannah is filled with some of the prettiest homes I've ever seen! The cutest front porches and piazzas with their Haint Blue ceilings, the biggest live oaks and pretty palmetto palm trees that seem to perfectly frame every home, and so much history to go along with the was easy to imagine what life must have been like so long ago! Above were some of my favorite homes in Charleston, Beaufort, Palmetto Bluff and Savannah–click on those to learn more about each place! I still have lots more photos to share, but I hope you enjoyed seeing these homes as much as I did!

**I want to give big thank you to my photo-assistant/driver/cute husband Chris who helped me take all of these pics! How many times I said "Stop! Hold on! I have to take picture!" I'm blessed with a very patient and supportive partner! :)

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