I'm reposting my all-time favorite kitchen today along with a plea for your help! First things first, I fell in love with this kitchen by architectural designer Peter Napolitano and interior designer Thomas Britt back in April of last year, and have yet to spot another kitchen to replace it's #1 status. (ok, maybe this one by Jane Coslick...but that's in my vacation home...) This Greenwich Village kitchen is simply incredible...you must check out the before-and-afters over at Architectural Digest. Those windows...I would die. I seriously would.

Now your help! I'm actually visiting New York next week. I've spent very little time there, so I really would love to hear your advice/recommendations on what to see, where to go and what to stay away from! I will be spending 3 days on Long Island with a car, then 3 days in Manhattan without one. Anything you'd be willing to share, I'll eat up and be so thankful for! If you don't want to leave a comment, feel free to send me at email at erin@houseofturquoise.com. THANK YOU! :)