What a way to end the Year of Turquoise (thanks again, Pantone!) than with this glamorous Paris apartment belonging to the Perrin family featured in the January issue of Harper's Bazaar. With the help of interior designer Chahan Minassian, the couple crafted a "jewel box" on the Left Bank that brings out the natural blues of the water and sea. This kind of opulence is a match made in heaven for the folks responsible for some pretty luxurious handbags! How absolutely fabulous would it be to attend a New Years gala in one of those gowns?! For the interview and more images of this exquisite home, head to Harper's Bazaar!

Thank you all for making this year one of my best ever. I'm so excited for 2011, both in blogworld and in "real life". I wish every one of you a fantastic New Year celebration! Stay safe, especially you guys around here in Minnesota! See you next year! ;)