I'm back!!! What a fantastic vacation I had! I can't wait to get my pictures on to my computer (all 1,300 of them!) and share a few favorites with you guys. I saw loads of turquoise gems I know you're gonna love. I just want to send another thank you to all of my talented guest bloggers...I loved all of your posts!

Since I'm feeling pretty exhausted (the NYC part of our trip should have been first on our itinerary!) but mostly since I wish I was still at the beach, I felt these rooms designed by Craig Kettles were perfectly fitting for the day. I'm loving the painted floor and cozy nooks in the bunk room. Wouldn't the painted ceiling in the bedroom would be a delight to gaze up at?! Both rooms so simple, but absolutely lovely in every way! For more spaces as equally as beautiful, head on over to C Designs!