I interrupt our regular schedule with this alert: The New Color of the Year! Pantone has replaced our beloved turquoise with Honeysuckle, a very lovely shade of pink. And I'm THRILLED! I immediately thought of this room from Homegoods when I heard the news. It's perfection, absolutely.

And get this...as you guys know, I got engaged a month ago. We're planning an April wedding (yes, 4 months from now!) and turquoise and this shade of pink are our colors!

I just read on BrandChannel:
With the Pantone blessing, watch for brand and product marketers to start emphasizing honeycolor pink, both because it's already trending upwards and it has now been labeled "the" color of 2011. But the selection of a hot color doesn't mean it will be used to the exclusion of others. Turquoise, the Pantone color of 2010, just happens to look smashing with hot pink, so it will likely continue to be used in 2011.
How exciting for us! I LOVE pink and turquoise more than anything!