What I'd give to spend a weekend in this adorable Key West vacation home designed by Todd Richesin! Melissa of The Inspired Room posted several photos from the very cool home featured in Traditional Home, but it was the guesthouse and pool that stopped me in my tracks. It's picture-perfect in every way!
Thank you all for your super-supportive comments again regarding my time at Hallmark! The presentation went SO WELL. I couldn't have been more pleased with my first-ever speaking engagement! I think the success can be fully attributed to the fact that I was talking about my two favorite things: turquoise and blogging! You guys should have seen the reception afterward. They had turquoise cupcakes that were painstakingly made by Hallmarker Laura of the blog Oh For Heaven Cakes (I can't get over that name...too cute!) They tasted just as fantastic as they looked! Loved the yummy turquoise punch too, talk about perfect color! A giant thank you to Scott, Susan and Marita for their kindness and hospitality. I thoroughly enjoyed every second with them! I had the fortune of meeting so many cool, creative people! I really dug the energy and creativity flowing through the halls of Hallmark, the inspiration everywhere was incredible. What a great experience!
For a recap of my presentation, including some more photos from the day, head over to the Dirty Laundry Blog! Jeanee is yet another cool Hallmarker with amazing talent! (You have to see the present she gave me, I promise you'll love it too!)