Can't you feel the joy and love bursting from this home?? The happy Alabama abode belongs to Ashley and Jamin Mills of the uber-inspiring blog The Handmade Home, and I have to tell you, I am obsessed with it.
At The Handmade Home, we believe in beautiful, genuine, and approachable design for all. We’re creating a haven for the every day with affordable ideas, fresh solutions and one of a kind looks with an abode that is realistic and attainable. From our exciting adventures, accomplishments and most definitely our failures, we love an inspiring approach to life, design and simple family centered fun.
Don't you love that? The talent and creativity this couple has is really incredible. EVERYTHING you see on their walls, including most all of the frames, was made by them. And boy can they paint furniture like nobody's business! (I love chest in their daughter's room!) Check out their blog for more on each room (I didn't even show you them all!) and for a handy list of all the paint colors used in each room. Good thing it's Friday because I know you'll want to spend your weekend taking in all that is The Handmade Home!

I will leave you with Ashley's most recent project, a No Sew Teepee. It's pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen! (Especially with those striped Robin's Nest walls!)

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!!

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