Hi everybody! I'm Erin, but not the Erin you're used to seeing here. I'm Erin from The Impatient Gardener and I'm thrilled to be guest blogging on House of Turquoise today.

Erin (the other one) does such a wonderful job posting inspirational spaces featuring one of my favorite colors so it's no surprise that the spaces I saw here on House of Turquoise influenced many of the rooms in our house, which underwent a pretty substantial renovation last year. You can read about the renovation here, but it can be more or less summed up by saying that our goal was not to make our house bigger, just better. We had the top of half the house (an old Cape Cod-ish cottage located about 500 feet from the shore of Lake Michigan in southeastern Wisconsin) taken off and put back on higher, allowing us to add much more usable space, including a second bathroom.

Turquoise and blue (along with a healthy dose of gray) featured prominently in many of the rooms.

The bathroom was the most fun to decorate and we went all out because it will probably be the only bathroom we'll ever design. It's a relatively small bathroom—8 feet square—but we fit in a sizable shower, vanity and lots of storage.

The master bedroom stayed basically the same size as before the renovation, but it feels twice as big thanks to the addition of windows on the east wall and a high ceiling.

In the hallway I made a small gallery wall. It's really the only place we display family photos so we have everything from a wedding photo, to pictures of our dogs and cat to a great black and white photo of my grandmother. At the bottom is a board we uncovered when we took the roof off that says, "Put here July 11, 1938." I put it in a shadow box with some linen fabric on the back. I also hung a piece of driftwood that I've been hanging onto for awhile just because I thought it was interesting looking. I collected a variety of frames for the wall and painted several of them different shades of blue mixed from paint I had laying around.

I hope you enjoyed this peak at some of our renovated spaces. You can see more over at The Impatient Gardener, where I blog about gardening, cottage living and misadventures in DIYing. Thanks for having me, Erin!

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