Welcome to the wonderful world that is High Point Market! This set of photos I took was from my favorite space in the Drexel Heritage showroom. I seriously wanted to plunk down and call it home. Isn't the fresh mix of patterns and colors fantastic?? Drexel Heritage was actually one of the companies that sponsored my trip out there, so we got a really great tour of their fabulously styled showroom. (And I mean fab-u-lous!) I was not familiar with them beforehand, so I was like a sponge taking it all in. They are all about personalization, offering their customers a ton of great options with fabric, finishes and hardware. Take that gorgeous Stewart Poster Bed for example...it's available in 23 finishes, including two very pretty turquoisey ones! I don't know about you, but I'll take this room "as is"! I can't wait to show you more!

Edit: All the gorgeous rugs are from Feizy, from their SAPHIR CABO collection.

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