One of the best things about having a baby is designing a nursery in a special style that is designed both for mother and child. When Minnie Driver asked me to design her Hollywood nursery, she wanted the room to have a "bohemian" style that fit her home decor, but also had special touches of whimsy that made the environment more child-like. From the scalloped edges on the window shades, to the cocoon like netting over the crib, the colors and eclectic collection of furntiure all speak to her personal style. An easy daybed filled with fun pillows for napping and quiet time to the recovered glider chair compete with patchworked textiles. The aqua walls, green accents and pops of pink and orange all dance together in a caravan of color, creating a one of a kind "boho" nursery especially designed for Minnie.

Our new "Bohemian Inspired" Little House Collection introduces a colorful plate of possibilities for your child's room or nursery. Designed to stimulate the senses, we invite parents to travel through exotic color and bring the boho spirit into your child's world. Shop the entire collection here!

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