I have always been a big fan of the color turquoise which is why I was so excited to guest blog for Erin of The House of Turquoise. I love that this site is devoted entirely to one of my favorite colors. The variations of what exactly the color turquoise is, is what makes this color so fun. Aqua, sea foam blue, teal..there are endless possibilities. Which is why I find that turquoise is almost as neutral of a color as it is an accent color.

The guest room in my house is off the garden and pool so several years ago I decided that a complimentary theme for the indoor/ outdoor feeling would be a room with turquoise accents.

Inspiration from textiles and embroideries helped me choose the decor palette.

I wanted the room to feel restful but also evoke the idea of vacation. I had some old vintage wallpaper that I hung inside the panel molding and then realized that I must like this look.. I had this vintage lace dress that reminded me once again how close fashion and home decor are. The color of both the paper and the dress were perfect.

I then added more to the turquoise theme with an old vanity.. love this color blue as a stronger accent in the room.

The bedding and textiles are from a collection I designed and fit perfectly into the overall look. Everyone who stays here always wants to stay longer. There is something about the color and its smooth relationship to the outside elements that makes the room dreamy and comforting.

More of Annette Tatum's inspirations can be found on her design blog, and in her book, The Well-Dressed Home. Browse Annette's Home Decor Collections at AnnetteTatum.com. This week only, use code "turquoise" at check-out for 10% off your orders (until Friday 5/6).