(courtesy Spencer Combs Photography)

My oh my, let me tell you how fabulous it is being married! The wedding day was such a roller coaster of emotions, but it ended so perfectly. It seriously was all just a dream come true, I could not wipe that smile off my face! I even got excited when snow started to fall to close down the party! I hoped you enjoyed these teaser images courtesy of my friend Holly and my Uncle Jerry!

I need to do some serious shout-outs to some incredible people who made the day so special! The gorgeous dresses were all made by my talented dressmaker step-mother, Diana Winget Olson. I felt absolutely, positively beautiful in mine, I just didn't want to take it off! The day-saving Brett Dorrian was responsible for all of our hair and makeup, and was a total angel to work with. The breathtaking arrangements were created by the ever-so-sweet and brilliant Ashley Fox Designs, who was a huge help to us the entire process. You can see a little bit of the pom-pom decorations...my friend Kim Yeager of Lark Nest Design was responsible for that! My stunning pearl necklace and earrings were designed by Jen of JWP Jewelry Designs and birdcage veil by Ann Leslie Designs. Sooo pretty. The service was held at the Lakewood Memorial Chapel (the mosaic is INCREDIBLE there!) and reception at Saint Anthony Main Event Centre, catered by 3 Sons Signature Cuisine. Best food ever, everyone agreed. They baked that amazing cake as well (it was super yummy too!) and Ashley decorated it with her flowers. LOVE it!!!

From the bottom of my heart, thanks to Claire, Katie, Emily, Jen and Kate...wow, did we ever have a drama-rama morning! Thanks for all you did for me! And to YOU guys, thanks again for all of your kind words the last several days, it means the world to us!! :)

I know there are so many more details (many turquoise!) to share with you guys, so once we get them back from our photographer, you'll see just how amazing the day really was! The decor was perfect, if I do say so myself! ;)

I'm going to have a busy week preparing for our honeymoon. We're off to an unbelievable resort in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico this weekend. Two full weeks of wedded bliss and turquoise waters....it doesn't get better than that!

Edit: Our incredible photographer Spencer Combs just sent us a teaser photo....breathtaking!! I had to add it to show you guys!