Greetings fellow turquoise lovers! This is Erin’s husband, Chris. I can’t help but smile every time I get to say that now! Imagine my surprise when Erin asked ME to be a guest blogger on House of Turquoise. Being my first time ever blogging I decided I would attempt to piece together Erin’s dream house using the awesome images she has shared throughout the years here on House of Turquoise. I will start with the exterior of the house. The above image many of you will recognize as Martha Stewart's home (it’s sad that I know this, but I’ve come to terms with that), and the element we will take from this is that turquoise trim and that weathered shingle exterior you can find most perfectly in the Hamptons. Erin would flip out to have a house like this! The next key to Erin’s dream home, a comfy outdoor space with a view of ever expanding turquoise waters like the one pictured below (more here.) I can just picture Erin sitting out on that dock in the chaise lounge with a pina colada in her hand!

Now lets move on to the interior; starting with Erin’s dream kitchen. If you’ve been following House of Turquoise closely, you should already know this one… An exact replica of the kitchen below (more here.)

On to her dream bathroom… We will take elements from three different images to piece together her bathroom. Starting with the shower below (that must be curtained by the flamenco shower curtain from anthropologie, Erin has wanted that since I met her). The keys to the shower; BIG, lots of showerheads, and dreamy turquoise glass tile. …And the icing on the cake for this bathroom? Her own cozy vanity space to sit down and do her hair and makeup!

Finally what dream house would be complete without a bedroom. And the keys to the bedroom, as pictured below; a turquoise tufted headboard and closet big enough to park a semi in! I’m pretty sure a closet of this magnitude and grandure would sell Erin on the house alone!

...and with that, I’d like to thank you all for reading! Also, thank you Erin for asking me to do this and for bringing turquoise to my life; hopefully one day I can give you your perfect home as a sign of my gratitude for everything you’ve done for me! Have a great day everyone!