I just find myself always drawn to turquoise, and when I see a bit of pink in there as well, my heart always skips a beat. With a white background and splashes of colour, it makes for a vibrant, happy and beautiful space!

When starting my shop, I found myself naturally drawn to this palette and fortunately my customers love it too. Some of most popular products are my turquoise and pink Moroccan pouffes and customers have selected this beautiful combination for their homes as well.

With Christmas approaching, I'm planning for a turquoise and pink table setting and wrapping to match. My love for this combination continues ... xx

Thanks for sharing, Kellie!! These are some of my all-time favorite images too. I have the same never-ending love affair with turquoise and pink. You guys have to visit the Ada & Darcy boutique. I know you will love everything you see...and she ships internationally! Definitely check out her blog too, it's filled to the brim with eye candy!