I love the warm yet refined vibe of this room captured by Emily Gilbert, a photographer out of New York City. (Remember these rooms?? Her talent too!) This space was actually part of the New Jersey designer showhouse Mansion in May and was designed by Christine Thompson. I love the ribbon detailing on the sofa, and how it's mirrored in the stripes on the painting above. All of the molding is absolutely breathtaking too!

A bit of sad news to share today. Last week my grandma passed away, so I'm headed down to Iowa today to say goodbye, and to celebrate her life with my family. My grandma has always been a huge inspiration to me in countless ways, and I'm so grateful that she lived to be 90. She will always continue to inspire me, but I'm going to miss her so much...

I'll see you guys back here on Friday.

Grandma and me on her 90th birthday back in May