Ashlee Raubach is quickly becoming one of my favorite photographers. Whether she's capturing homes, fashion, weddings, just doesn't matter, each photo is breathtaking. That's some serious talent. If this beautiful home designed by Holli Forrest Design reminds you of the other incredible home Ashlee photographed that you all LOVED, it's no coincidence. Most of their furnishings actually come from Alice Lane Home Collection out of Orem, UT (who happen to have a really cool new blog!) And to see lots more of this home, check out Ashlee's blog!

Another birthday shout-out today...this time to my wonderful boyfriend. Among so many things, Chris must be thanked for endlessly enduring all of my shirt-tugging topped off with "look at that turquoise ___!" He's so great, you'd just love him! Here's a picture of him in the Canadian Rockies. Wearing a turquoise shirt. That I did NOT buy for him. We're a perfect match in every way! :)

Happy Birthday, Chris!