Feel like taking a mini-vacation to a friend's coastal home?? Just head over to the portfolio of Molly Frey Design! Need some inspiration or ideas?? She also has a really cool blog waiting for you too. You might recognize some of Molly's work...she's responsible for that "effervescent bathroom" you all loved, as well as the stunning "heavenly kitchen" I posted about back in June. I was excited to learn that Molly is from Marblehead, MA, a charming little coastal town where my cousin and his family live. I've never been, but have been dying to go there for a visit!

Lastly, you guys have to head over to the blog belonging to Emily A. Clark...all week she's been posting bedrooms that belong to some of our favorite bloggers. I'm thrilled that Emily asked me to participate! So if you want to see where I rest my head, head over here today...let me know what you think! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!