If you're me and you see a cover like this in your mailbox, you know it's going to be a good day.

Then you read the editor's letter only to find that Stephen Drucker mentions your little old blog?

Now THAT, my friends, is a fantastic day!
Isn't that a hoot?! I can't get over it!

Seriously though, if you like blue/turquoise even a little bit, you're going to drool endlessly over this issue. It's jam-packed with so much eye-candy I can hardly stand it. Not only that, but I know many of you will appreciate the color section where they go over which blue paint colors designers use the most. All those yummy paint swatches are making me crazy to get out of my rental! If you're even thinking about painting, definitely grab this issue.

Last but not least, that stunning cover features a room designed by none other than Tobi Fairley. If that image alone won't entice you to check out this blue issue, I don't know what will! Maybe the fact that her project received a 10-page feature inside?! Here's a sneak peak I took off her blog. I know how much you all love the Marjorie Skouras chandelier!

So thanks for the mention, Stephen Drucker! Rest assured the first thing I'm doing when I visit Paris is heading over to rue Jacob to check out that shop! It sounds truly magical.