With tomorrow being the 4th of July, and the fact that we're also leaving on vacation, I am finding it really tough to get any work done! These photos of the Golden Rock Inn Nevis in the West Indies are not helping either! Looks like the perfect place to get away from in all, doesn't it? That view!! Lonny had an article all about it, check it out and see more photos by Ingalls Photography over here!

We are not headed to the Caribbean ourselves, instead we're flying to Seattle where we will be staying a few days before visiting Vancouver. After that we we'll be in Seabrook, WA for our friends' wedding. I've actually been wanting to visit Seabrook for a long time, it looks like the cutest little coastal town!!

I have some great guest bloggers filling in for me next week, but feel free to stay on top of my adventure on Instagram!

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