It's always fun to comply a little "Best Of" list at the end of the year! According to my site statistics, these were the most popular posts this year. And I'd have to agree with all you guys, they are spectacular spaces brought to us by some insanely talented individuals! If you missed any of them, click on over to see the full posts!

#10 The Glamorous Housewife Bethany Herwegh

#9 Camille Roskelley

#8 Viscusi Elson Interior Design + Rutt of Los Altos

#7 Katelyn James

#6 Home Office for Everyone

#5 Jenna Sue

#4 Virginia Kitchens + Harry Braswell Inc.

#3 Hiya Papaya + Four Chairs Furniture

#2 Viscusi Elson Interior Design

...and drum-roll please!! 

#1 Jeanette Van Wicklen Design - Part 2

What a year!!! Last month I passed my five-year milestone of writing House of Turquoise. Every single day I get so much joy out of searching for beautiful interiors, but it makes it all the more rewarding sharing the beauty and talent with my readers–people who I know truly appreciate it and get inspiration out of the photos! So once again, thank you all so much for visiting my little turquoise world!

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