Hi everyone, it's Allison from Spicer + Bank! I am so happy to be here today on House of Turquoise. We all know a pop of turquoise can brighten up any interior, but I especially love the look of turquoise ceramics. And as a lover of all things vintage and a design history geek I thought I would share a bit about the history of these gorgeous hued pieces!

Turquoise glazes first began in China during the Song Dynasty (960-1127). And while at first their color was softer, they soon developed a deeper aqua tone. By the early 1500s trade and war booty had brought Chinese turquoise pottery to the Islamic courts in Turkey, where they loved the shade, and they began to add it to their famous dark blue and white ceramics and tiles. Europe was soon also clamoring for the vibrant Chinese pieces and many were made especially for export to the French market. Once in France, they were often fitted with gilt brass mounts - I love the contrast between the organic shaped pottery and the intricate bases! So in short, a craze for all things turquoise is actually quite historic!

A pair of Chinese turquoise glazed hexagonal vases, late Ming/early Qing dynasty. Such a beautiful crackled glaze on these.

An Iznik blue, white, and turquoise tile, Turkey, circa 1530 - see that bold bit of turquoise working its way in!

Chinese turquoise porcelain bowls (1662-1722) with French gilt mounts added in the 19th century - they are so glam and I love the color and turquoise color combo.

And now, here are my favorite picks for modern pieces to infuse beautiful turquoise ceramics into your home! {I especially love that horse}

Hope you enjoyed this bit of design history - I loved sharing! Thanks so much Erin for having me!

{Images via 1, 2-4, 5}


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