I hope you all had a great holiday weekend! I stayed put here in Minnesota...for now! In a few weeks though Chris and I will be heading to the coast of Massachusetts for a few days. You don't even know how excited I am. I've been wanting to visit the area for as long as I can remember. We'll actually be celebrating our anniversary (of our first date...we can keep celebrating that even though we're married now, right?) as well as my birthday! We are planning to spend a day taking in Cape Cod (we're staying in Hyannis), then spending a day on Martha's Vineyard and another day on Nantucket. So we'd love to hear any and all suggestions you guys might have on where to dine, tour, shop...you always have the best ideas! Although I'm quite certain if the entire vacation is spent drooling over all the charming homes like this one on the Vineyard photographed by Alaina of Live Creating Yourself, I'll be the happiest tourist of them all! :)