It should come as no surprise that this clean and light little boy's room is out of Scandinavia. I first saw it on Norske Interiørblogger, but you can check out more of the space on the Norwegian blog Lykke Bo. A side note: I studied Norwegian two years in college, part of that full-time in Oslo. My norsk today?? Ikke så bra. It's a good thing lovely rooms and beautiful photography speak a universal language!

So have you guys all heard about the upcoming Design Bloggers Conference?? It's a two-day conference out in LA at the end of February. So many of our favorite design bloggers are speaking, and even more attending. (You can see the list of both here.) Can you imagine...two whole days entirely focused on design blogging?! Meeting all of our cyber friends?! Networking with some super-talented people?! What a dream come true!!! I've officially decided that I'm attending, so if any of you are as well, please let me know!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend! Stay warm!